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All in an attitude….

Got this wonderful feeling of achievement after ages. My 2nd paper is accepted for the VLDB workshop. May be the first after joining oracle. I know I shouldn’t feel proud about it. I always thought that, corporate world is not as busy as the academic life… but its not the case, Though it is filled with challenges and you have to be proactive and talkative, It is upto you whether you grab the chances or sit like a dumb one. I know i dont fall into the category of extroverts, but this is the time you have to prove yourself.

There is a big obstacle in front of me.. doing my phd before my marriage, but I am not super motivated, interested and desparate to do that , why I am running away from these? I have been thinking about GRE preparation, from the last 2 months, but still.. May be I should be surrounded from all the sides by dark walls, but still….Its your attitude that determines your entire outlook on life
Its your attitude not just your aptitude that determines your altitude…

“You are today what you thought about yesterday You will be tomorrow what you think about today, Every attitude is positive or negative, It doesn’t matter what happens to you, It is how you take it that matters.”

“In the game of life you can be up one moment and down the next. The reason is not luck as in snakes and ladders, but the attitudes you choose consciously or unconsciously.”



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